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Just a few hundred steps from Malostranské pomposity towards Ujezd has appeared a new Thai restaurant, which in a few months got so many barflies, that they don't need no more advertisement from us.

From the raised half storey you're looking trough the reticular window to a pair of real thai cooks, who before the clock hit eight, will show you with a smile how to swing in front of the cook-range, when two needs to feed thirty guests. Agile stuff compound of couple well coordinated czech waiters handily manages everything.

Under the touch of spoon the fish is gladly let to cut herself up in soft portions, which we we carry onto our plates, pouring over with the delicious sauce, adding leafs of herbs and pouring out the thai jasmine rice, which we're letting soak trough the sauce and passionately chewing away with the spoon.

Benjamin Kuras, Writer, co-worker of edition, EURO, on 10.11.2008

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